Simplicity is the key. We suggest that your clothing be a solid color, with no writing or branding. If you are not sure, bring it with you. Dress everyone in the same style and formality of clothing. Be sure to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and you can move around in. Please keep in mind that darker clothing tends to minimize body size, while light tones tend to emphasize body size.

If you want to wear make-up and jewelry, we suggest not wearing too much so that they do not distract from your own natural beauty.

Try to schedule your photo session on a day that you or your children will be calm and have had lots of rest. (Babies and toddlers are often at their best after a nap.)

Please bring with you your child's favorite toys to help entertain and amuse them should they become fussy, and encourage everyone to eat something before the shoot.

You are welcome to bring your pet, but please bring them on a leash.