I prefer shooting with all natural light whenever possible, when it's possible, because it preserves the natural dimensions and subtlety in an image. It also flatters the subject by keeping the skin soft and eliminating shine.

My telephoto lens is one of my favorite lenses because it allows me to distance myself from mythe moment subjects being so that the moment they are sharing remains intimateed by my subjects, enabling them to be more comfortable in the moment and therefore appearing more natural in the picture.

One technical guideline I follow prefer to is that I shoot with wide-open apertures for a shallow depth of field; which means that my subject will be in focus, and the background is de-emphasized, drawing the viewer's attention to the emotion and expressions of the subject.

I make myself aware of my backgrounds; I am constantly moving around to make sure that whatever is in the the backgrounds always compliments the my subjects. I constantly look for angles that include people in the background who are watching the subject. For example, while shooting the bride and groom cutting their wedding cake, I'll try to capture the couple's guests in the background looking on with excitement and amusement, thus . This will increasinge the emotional value and depth of an the image.

My ultimate goal is to capture the feelings and emotions of a wedding day, telling thea story and leaving presenting it as a visual reminder to bride and groom for the rest of their lives. I hope strive to reveal leave with them, every detail of their memorable day in crisp, vibrant images.